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We are a creative software engineers who specialise in apps, games, R&D and enterprise software. We have helped our wonderful clients build some brilliant projects, from games that help save the planet, to automation tools that speed up the way businesses interact with their customers. We also build fabulous in house products and explore cutting edge research and development in graphics and simulation. The bottom line is, we LOVE making cool software.

About Us

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Reuben Carter

Reuben, after gaining a master in electronics engineering with an emphasis on computer vision, has worked as a software engineer for 6 years. He built the 3D software that allowed ScanLAB and the BBC to laser scan and reconstruct ancient monuments for a number of television programs, including 2 series of the BBC's Invisible Cities. He also founded an Entrepreneur First backed startup which created the first planning application in virtual reality.

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Rosie Higgins

Rosie has a combined background in computer science and business development. Before founding Paper Birds she worked for First Mile as the partnerships manager, and then transitioned to a software management role, managing the integration and deployment of a new company wide IT system. In her evenings she wrote a piece of software which she ultimately sold to First mile, kick starting a new career path building software.

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